Healthy diet plans for women


Women are required to have healthy diet plans which are different to men.If you are seeking for some healthy diet plans then you are at right place because I’ll tell you that what are healthy diet plans for women.

Morning breakfast:

Morning breakfast plays a vital role to maintain women health because it is the start of the day which should be a healthy and well.Foods rich in proteins e.g eggs,salmon,lean ham and dairy products are very important to remain healthy.If you eat the above foods in breakfast you will take small amount of calories rest of the day.Note:Breakfast make a vital contribution to your daily eating and play an important role in maintaing a normal weight.

Afternoon lunch:

Like breakfast lunch also plays a unique role to maintain healthy weight and staying healthy.I’ll recmmend you to take your lunch mix with lean proteins and starchy foods.Starchy foods supply sufficient energy to your body and you will perform activities rest of the day.White foods also play a key role to maintain a normal weight in lunch.

Mid-afternoon foods:

Everybody know that fruits are necessary for health and fruits supply energy to our body so that we remain healthy and well.Dried fruits and unsalted nuts or seeds ,supply protein and fats to our body.Mixing dried fruits with nuts helps our body to stabilise our body sugar level and keeps us more energetic for longer time.Your fridge should be full with cherry,tomatos,apples and eatable vegetables.


Foods which we eat in breakfast and lunch does not fulfil our body requirements beacause they are low in fats.Foods with essential fats like fish, mackerel and sardines should utilize in dinner.Our body consume these healthy fats whole night for regeneration which play a vital role for our skin and hairs.

These are the important tips which i disscused with you if someone try to follow these healthy rules would be able to maintain a healthy weight.We see in our daily life that people are facing health problems specialy having too much weight which is very dangerous for everyone.

What is fastest way to lose weight?


Today fitness is very important for everyone living in this world.Everybody wants to be more fit and active because maintaining a normal body weight will keep you more active and fit as everybody wants.If you are more healthy and want to lose your weight then you are at the right point.According to scientists majority of the people are much healthy and they very confuse that how to lose body weight.This article will completely guide you that how you can lose your weight within few days.There are major three points which can fulfill your wish of losing your weight so fast.So,follow these three major components and i bet that you will lose your weight in few days.

Drink excessive water:

All of us knows that water is a key for life and there is no concept of life without water.Water is not available in  every point of earth crust but where water is present then there is life.My first and very important tip for you that you should drink lots of water as can drink.Approximately,7 liters water is necessary to drink in a day.If you are want to lose your weight then you should drink more than 7 liters water in a day.I’ll recommend you that avoid from distilled water because distilled water will not reduce your weight more effectively.Don’t drink water same time because there are some limits in our body to store things.Drink water day time because it will give you more results.

Intake low salt:

No doubt that salt plays important role in every kind of meal but intake of excessive salt is very dangerous for humans.If you are want to lose your weight then i will suggest you that consume a little amount of salt in daily life.You should go for exercise and games to flush out excessive salts.If you feel that you are missing salt then you should eat garlic ginger and black pepper as a salt components.

Eating foods high in proteins:

My third one tip is to eat foods in high proteins like eggs,boiled chicken and other foods in high proteins.If you follow these three main tips then you will lose your weight in few days and feel more active and fit.These three tips are playing a vital role to lose body weight and many people are appreciating to my these tips.I hope that you will get more benefit from these 3 tips and will live a healthy life.

What are cheap and healthy foods?

cheap and healthy foods

When you have low budget but you want to eat healthy foods in short budget then you are at the right place.We will guide you that how you can eat cheap and healthy foods in tight budget.


Everyone know that eggs are rich in proteins and proteins are necessary for human health.Eggs are available in every corner of the world and you can purchase eggs with small budget.As eggs are cheap and healthy so,you should eat eggs daily.


Peanuts are very healthful and cheap in price so that everyone can purchase peanuts easily with small budget.By eating peanuts you can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart attack.Peanuts are available in worldwide at low prices so that everyone can easily find peanuts.


Oats are very beneficial cheap and healthy for human beings.Oats decrease the cholesterol level in human body and helps to slimming the body.Oats are in high fibers which maintain the human body in the right way.


As yogurt is a dairy product and can be easily available everywhere with short budget.Yogurt is very necessary for our body to keep us healthy.Having breakfast with yogurt can put you forward and healthy so i’ll suggest you that take your breakfast with yogurt.


Milk also is a dairy product and very very important for our health.Milk is rich in calcium which is very important component of our body requirements and keep strong our teeth.Some biologists thinks that milk can be use to lose your excesses body weight and you can purchase milk from anywhere in this world with low price.

Brown rice:

Rice are rich in fiber and decrease the risk of diabetes and are easily available with low budget.There are many peoples who like to eat rice daily because of great taste.So,i will suggest you to eat rice twice a week.


How to staying healthy


These tips will improve your health and you will be able to staying healthy.These tips will prevent you from various diseases like diabetes,stroke,and many more.These are not a big problem and can be treated by many ways.You should take care of your health and also prevent your family from these diseases.

Keep a healthy weight:

Today our body weight is the main factor of our health.Having too much weight is problem for our health and similarly having less weight can cause several diseases.We should maintain a normal weight neither so much nor so less.Many scientist believe that body weight is the most important factor of human beings.Weight can be optimize by having regular physical activities such as jogging,running fast etc.We should eat foods rich in fruits,vegetables,and whole grains.We should choose smaller portions and should eat in less speed.When we have free time then we should choose some interesting activities to staying healthy.

Daily exercise:

Some practices are very beneficial for us as regular exercise.No doubt we have less intervals of time but it is very important for our health that we spend at least 30 minutes in exercise.When we chose our favorite activities like walking,dancing,gardening then we feel very easy while having exercise.We should encourage our children for playing different games like hockey,cricket,football etc.One of the best exercise for parents and their children is walk with children to school in the morning.

Cut down your smoking:

Everyone living in this world is know that smoking is very dangerous for our health and it can be cause of our death.No doubt it’s hard but not impossible and we can do anything in this world.You should join a stop smoking program so that you should learn more about disadvantages of smoking.You should hire a good doctor which can advise you and set your mind to stop smoking.

Don’t smoke in house and in vehicles because when your children feels smoke they can attacked by this smoke and caused by many diseases.We should inform our children that smoking can put you in danger.

Eating healthy diets:

Diet play a vital role to maintain our health.We should eat healthy diet to staying healthy and active.We should eat fruits,green vegetables and whole grains in our diet and stay away from red meat.We should take multivitamins to staying healthy in this world.We should make dishes with olive and or canola oil.Don’t use fast foods and store bought snacks.

I hope that by applying these tips in your daily life you will be able to staying healthy and active.